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The ‘Pigmentation Starter Pack’ takes the fight against pigmentation by introducing powerful formulations and intelligent ingredient combinations. Giving your skin exactly what it needs to look to a more even-toned and radiant glow.

This Starter Kit includes:

- Gel Face Cleanser: An excellent foaming cleanser that hydrates and balances oil flow. It won't leave the skin dry.

- AHA 10 Tonic: Contains 10% fruit acids (glycolic, lactic and citric). Exfoliates the skin at a superior level. Moisturises and refreshes the skin.

- C Cream: An emollient cream with vitamin C and niacin brightens and improves skin texture. Regular use will reduce the visible signs of ageing and dark spots.

- C Serum: Contains vitamin C and Phyto whitening complex. Vitamin C creates a powerful effect on the skin’s cells. It drastically stimulates collagen synthesis and nourishes, restores and deeply hydrates dry skin.


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