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The ‘Acne Starter Kit’ contains a range of powerful products which are specifically formulated to effectively cleanse and help the appearance of blemish-prone skin and/or acne. 

This Starter Kit includes: 
- Gel Face Cleanser: An excellent foaming cleanser that hydrates and balances oil flow. It won't leave the skin dry. 

- Dermal Lotion: Helps to kill bacteria responsible for actinic keratosis. Reduces erythema and inflamed skin. It contains antibacterial, soothing and protective properties.

- Dermal Cream: Contains antibacterial and oil absorbing ingredients, skin exfoliants as well as soothing and protective properties. This cream will rapidly heal current congestion eruptions and prevent them from reappearing.

- Niacin Serum: The serum is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and reduces sebum production. It is especially suitable for oily, inflamed, hyperpigmented and congested skin types.



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