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Online Facial & Skin Anatomy and Physiology Course CONTENT ONLY


WAS $500.00 AUD


** NOW ON SALE, ONLY $300.00 AUD **


Course Overview:

  • Certificate in Facial and Skin Anatomy & Physiology
  • Unlimted lifetime access to Online Training and no timer
  • Modules and exam

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the skin

  • Anatomy and Physiology of muscles

  • Facial Rejuvenation

  • Skin Types, pigmentation & more!


What's Included:

  • Certificate in Facial and Skin Anatomy & Physiology
  • Access to Lifetime Online Training
  • Written Examination Booklet
  • 3 months Online Support
  • Access to our Business Starter Guide and Legislations


NOTE: Once purchased, we will send you an email of confirmation and sign up intructions to access your online training. 



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Business Starter Guide and Legislations

  • Australian Business Number (ABN)

  • Licensing

  • Business Registration

  • Different types of Insurance

  • OHS/WHS Legislation and Breaches

  • Therapeutic Goods Australia (TGA)

  • Your Salon Premises

  • Hand Hygiene

  • Equipment Cleaning

  • Managing Hazards

  • Record Keeping

  • Infection Prevention and Control

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Ventilation System

  • Handling and Disposing Sharps

  • Aseptic Non-Touch Technique

  • Handling and Dispensing Products and Linen

  • Waste Management

  • Cleaning and Disinfectant Products

  • Autoclave and Radiation

  • Preparation of the Clients Skin and Product Use

  • Use of Topical Local Anaesthetic (TLA) and legislations


Module 1: Introduction​

  • Purpose of Aesthetic Enhancements

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin

  • Epidermis

  • Keratinocytes

  • Basal Layer

  • Squamous Cell Layer

  • Granular Layer

  • Cornified Layer

  • Epidermal Proliferation and Differentiation

  • Skin Cancer

  • Melanocytes

  • Merkel Cells

  • Langerhans Cells

  • The Dermal-Epidermal Junction

  • Epidermal Appendages


Module 2: Introduction

  • Eccrine Sweat Glands

  • Apocrine Sweat Glands

  • Apoeccrine Sweat Glands

  • Hair Follicles

  • Phase of Hair Growth

  • Sebaceous Glands

  • Nails

  • The Dermis

  • Vasculature

  • Muscles

  • Nerves

  • Mast Cells

  • Subcutaneous Fat

 Module 3: Skin Layers

  • Structure of the Skin

  • What does Skin do?

  • Skin Layers

  • Epidermis

  • Dermis

  • Subcutaneous Tissue

  • Roles of the Skin

  • Skin Colour

  • Skin Disease

  • Ageing Skin

Module 4: Skin Layers

  • Epidermis

  • Stratum Basale

  • Stratum Spinosum

  • Stratum Granulosum

  • Stratum Lucidum

  • Stratum Corneum

  • Papillary Layer

  • Reticular Layer

  • Hypodermis

  • Lipid Storage

  • Pigmentation

  • The Integumentary System

Module 5: Facial Muscles

  • The Frontalis Muscle

  • Glabellar Complex

  • Temporal Hollowing


Module 6: Facial Rejuvenation

  • How to Rejuvenate the Face

Module 7: Final Examination​

Written Examination

Online Facial & Skin Anatomy and Physiology Course CONTENT ONLY

$500.00 Regular Price
$300.00Sale Price
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