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LED Light Therapy Device

LED Light Therapy Device


7 LED colours

Box Contents:

  • LED Light Device
  • Adapter
  • Protection Goggles
  • User Manual

Product Specifications:
Color: White
ABSPower: 5.76-63.2W

Current: 3A

Temperature range: 30°C- 60°C

Control time: 1-30 minutes

Weight: 2500g

Size: 44x23x29cm 

Benefits of LED Light Therapy:

  1. Removes skin bacteria
  2. Reduces pigmentation and blemishes
  3. Accelerated detoxification of skin metabolism
  4. Promote skin toxin discharge
  5. Shrinks pores
  6. Tightens and rejuvenates
  7. Brightens skin
  8. Helps uneven complexion
  9. Add nutrition and promotes the blood flowing
  10. Promote skin collegen and elastin 
  11. Reduces inflammation


LED Light Therapy Device

Expected to be shipped in 2-3 weeks
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