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Heal Bottle

(50 ML) 


  • Intense skin healing gel
  • Suitable for all skin treatments and skin types.


The product is individually packed in a 50ml bottle with FSB labels (as shown in the product picture). Save when you purchase more. Available in 5 or 10 pack.


500ml and 1L bulk purchases are packed in large unlabelled bottles. 


Product Benefits:


HEAL is a transparent soothing gel infused with Silver Colloidal and Aloe Vera. HEAL leaves a protective coating that acts as a barrier against infection. It helps to deliver rapid tissue healing, anti-inflammatory properties, sun protection, improved skin metabolism, increased moisture retention, a powerful antioxidant and natural moisturizer. 




How to use for Fibroblast Plasma Pen:

This product is to be used during the Fibroblast Plasma Pen treatment. It is to be used immediately on the client. HEAL is an essential at-home Fibroblast Plasma Pen aftercareproduct. It is to be used in combination with our PROTECT product for the first 7 days or while the dots are on.


How to use for facial treatments:

Can be used as a facial healing gel for any skin treatments


We do WHOLESALE prices - Please contact us via wholesale contact page.


  • Due to the sensitivity of our products, all Fibroblast Skin and Beauty sales are final.

    Refunds and Returns are not accepted on all items and/or trainings, unless under a special occasion. Strictly, no refunds or returns on all sale items and/or trainings.

    Fibroblast Skin and Beauty securely packages all items and ensures all lids on bottles are tighened, closed and secured. Once the item is shipped, it is no longer Fibroblast Skin and Beauty's responsiblity and instead the shipping carrier for any issues that occur during shipping and upon delivery. This includes issues such as lateness in arrival of packages, lost packages and/or spills, breakage and damage of products. The shipping carrier will be solely responsible for these issues and the customer will need to contact the shipping carrier.

  • Australia and International Shipping

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