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1-1 Fibroblast Plasma Pen Course WITH DEVICE + PRODUCTS



INCLUDES Plamere Premium Fibroblast Plasma Pen Device + All Products Kit


1 Day Training Course

(Workshops runs approx. 8.5 hours long and includes 15 minute tea and 30 minute lunch break. Refreshments provided)


Course Overview:

  • Certificate in Fibroblast Plasma Pen
  • Two Trainers
  • Powerpoint Presentation presented by your trainers
  • Introduction to the device
  • Consultation process
  • Safety & sanitation processes
  • Products, modules and exam
  • Scenario Activities
  • Skin Types, pigmentation & more!


What's Included:

  • Certificate in Fibroblast Plasma Pen
  • TGA and FDA Approved Plamere Premium Plasma Pen
  • 1 Day Private Training
  • Fibroblast Plasma Pen Workbook
  • Written Examination Booklet
  • Sample Consultation Document
  • Sample Aftercare Document
  • 1x Cleanse Bottle (100ml)
  • 1x Heal Bottle (50ml)
  • 1x Protect Bottle (50ml)
  • 3 months Online Support
  • Access to our Business Starter Guide and Legislations
  • Fibroblast Skin and Beauty Academy Social Media Images to Start Up Your Business
  • Wholesale prices for products


What You Will Need:

  • A Model To Complete Your Physical Examination


NOTE: Once purchased, we will send you an email of confirmation and will organise a training date for the 1-1 training.



We also supply wholesale prices for products and equipment.

Please click here to access our wholesale pricing.




Click Here To View Full Course Module Outline





  • Introduction to Fibroblast Skin and Beauty Academy and Team: 5 MINS
  • Icebreaker: 5 MINS
  • Trainer Presentation: 2 HOURS
  • Tea Break: 15 MINS
  • Scenario Activites: 30 MINS
  • Model Practice: 1.5 - 2 HOURS
  • Lunch Break / Revision of Notes: 30 MINS
  • Completion of Course and Certification: 30 MINS

1-1 Fibroblast Plasma Pen Course WITH DEVICE + PRODUCTS

  • Due to the sensitivity of our products and devices, all Fibroblast Skin and Beauty sales are FINAL.

    ALL SALES ARE FINAL for all training courses, products and devices. Once you purchase the training, products and devices you have immediate access to the material and it's yours forever. We can't take this back and the training is what you are paying for. It is the trainee's responsibility to research the treatment prior to purchasing training, products and devices. There is strictly no refunds.

    Fibroblast Skin and Beauty securely packages all items and ensures all lids on bottles are tighened, closed and secured. Once the item is shipped, it is no longer Fibroblast Skin and Beauty's responsiblity and instead the shipping carrier for any issues that occur during shipping and upon delivery. This includes issues such as lateness in arrival of packages, lost packages and/or spills, breakage and damage of products. The shipping carrier will be solely responsible for these issues and the customer will need to contact the shipping carrier.

    Please see Terms and Conditions

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