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Skinmetics Clinic offers Facial and Skin Anatomy and Physiology training online courses.



Learn on your own pace

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Modules and Exam

Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin

Layers of the Skin

Facial Muscles


Facial Bone Structure

Facial Rejuvenation

Business Starter Guide and Legislations

Skin Types, Pigmentation & more!

Skin And Facial Anatomy and Physiology

Online Training Course

WAS $500.00 AUD   


**ONLY $300.00 AUD**


1-1 and Online Facial and Skin Anatomy and Physiology Course Outline

Business Starter Guide and Legislations


  1. Australian Business Number (ABN)

  2. Licensing

  3. Business Registration

  4. Different types of Insurance

  5. OHS/WHS Legislation and Breaches

  6. Therapeutic Goods Australia (TGA)

  7. Your Salon Premises

  8. Hand Hygiene

  9. Equipment Cleaning

  10. Managing Hazards

  11. Record Keeping

  12. Infection Prevention and Control

  13. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  14. Ventilation System

  15. Handling and Disposing Sharps

  16. Aseptic Non-Touch Technique

  17. Handling and Dispensing Products and Linen

  18. Waste Management

  19. Cleaning and Disinfectant Products

  20. Autoclave and Radiation

  21. Preparation of the Clients Skin and Product Use

  22. Use of Topical Local Anaesthetic (TLA) and legislations

Module 1: Introduction

  1. Purpose of Aesthetic Enhancements

  2. Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin

  3. Epidermis

  4. Keratinocytes

  5. Basal Layer

  6. Squamous Cell Layer

  7. Granular Layer

  8. Cornified Layer

  9. Epidermal Proliferation and Differentiation

  10. Skin Cancer

  11. Melanocytes

  12. Merkel Cells

  13. Langerhans Cells

  14. The Dermal-Epidermal Junction

  15. Epidermal Appendages

Module 2: Introduction

  1. Eccrine Sweat Glands

  2. Apocrine Sweat Glands

  3. Apoeccrine Sweat Glands

  4. Hair Follicles

  5. Phase of Hair Growth

  6. Sebaceous Glands

  7. Nails

  8. The Dermis

  9. Vasculature

  10. Muscles

  11. Nerves

  12. Mast Cells

  13. Subcutaneous Fat

 Module 3: Skin Layers

  1. Structure of the Skin

  2. What does Skin do?

  3. Skin Layers

  4. Epidermis

  5. Dermis

  6. Subcutaneous Tissue

  7. Roles of the Skin

  8. Skin Colour

  9. Skin Disease

  10. Ageing Skin

Module 4: Skin Layers

  1. Epidermis

  2. Stratum Basale

  3. Stratum Spinosum

  4. Stratum Granulosum

  5. Stratum Lucidum

  6. Stratum Corneum

  7. Papillary Layer

  8. Reticular Layer

  9. Hypodermis

  10. Lipid Storage

  11. Pigmentation

  12. The Integumentary System

Module 5: Facial Muscles

  1. The Frontalis Muscle

  2. Glabellar Complex

  3. Temporal Hollowing

Module 6: Facial Rejuvenation

  1. How to Rejuvenate the Face

Module 7: Final Examination

Exercise 1: Written Examination


The Facial and Skin Anatomy online course is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced aesthetic providers. This course can also be used to add on further knowledge for aesthetic providers, as there are new methods of treating the skin.

This course covers the following concepts:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin

  • Layers of the Skin

  • Facial Muscles

  • Nerves

  • Facial Bone Structure

  • Facial Rejuvenation


Skinmetics Clinic has developed an online Facial and Skin Anatomy and Physiology Course. Once successfully completed, you will receive a certification in Facial and Skin Anatomy and Physiology..   


Our online training course is designed to learn at your own pace and schedule. There is no class schedule to adhere to. 

ALL SALES ARE FINAL for all training courses, products and devices. Once you purchase the training, products and devices you have immediate access to the material and it's yours forever. We can't take this back and the training is what you are paying for. It is the trainee's responsibility to research the treatment prior to purchasing training, products and devices. There is strictly no refunds.


Please check with your local health department for procedure legalities, it is your responsibility to know the laws and regulations in your state and country. We hold no responsibility for procedures done without the consent of the health department. 

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